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Recipes Featuring Rice Vinegar from a 123-Year-Old Japanese Artisanal Vinegar Company

Every good cook has their secret resources. Mine is The Japanese Pantry, who source ingredients made by Japanese food artisan families who have been making these products for generations. I enjoyed coming up with two simple recipes using the Pure Rice Vinegar from Io Jozo, a 123-year-old vinegar company. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed developing (and eating) them!

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Kokoro Care Packages with Products by Japanese Food Artisans

High quality Japanese food products that are not laden with chemicals and coloring are surprisingly hard to find here in the US. Recently, Marc Matsumoto from No Recipes (!) reached out and told me about Kokoro Care Packages. They offer monthly and seasonal care packages, filled with Japanese food products that are produced by small artisan producers all over Japan. So when they offered to send me a box to try, I was so excited!

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Nourish Co. All Day Zine

Food is one of the most important aspects of any culture, and recipes, especially can connect generations of people. They connect the past with the present and allow us to add to the traditions we were born into, while also making them our own. Food has been one of the most prominent ways in which I’ve blended my Japanese and Jewish cultures, so I’m very excited to share my first Nourish Co. All Day zine with you.

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