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Scattered Sushi ちらし寿司 for Happy Occasions

One of the dishes that is a constant on my Japanese New Year table is ちらし鮨, chirashi sushi, or scattered sushi. This beautiful, colorful dish is made of sushi rice with celebratory toppings sprinkled on top. Not just for the New Year’s table, scattered sushi is served on happy, celebratory occasions. My Northern California version incorporates local dungeness crab, which is in season right now.

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Potluck Cabbage Salad

Looking back on my childhood in Southern California, it seems like my family went to potlucks almost every weekend with our Japanese-American family and friends from Hawaii. As much as I loved seeing my aunties and uncles (some biological, most not), the little foodie in me loved the food most. And there was always ramen cabbage salad.

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