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A Day at Japanese American Family Farm, Hikari Farms

A couple of years back, I was so happy to discover Hikari Farms through Bi-Rite market. Everything they grow is certified organic, and you can just feel the love they put into everything. So I was over the moon when Janet Nagamine, the second generation owner, reached out and invited me to the farm for a tour and nabe lunch. Today, I am so excited to share my experience and everything I learned about this small but mighty and inspirational farm here.

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An Interview with Ken Tanabe, the Founder of Loving Day

When I married someone who was not Japanese American, it was never a topic of conversation with either of our families. That’s why I was so struck when I learned about Loving Day and the landmark Loving v. Virginia case. It wasn’t that long ago when being married could have landed us in jail, as it did for many couples. I recently had the opportunity to interview Ken Tanabe, the founder of Loving Day, on the nuances of ethnicity, how to celebrate Loving Day, and gatherings around the globe!

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Nourish Co. All Day Zine

Food is one of the most important aspects of any culture, and recipes, especially can connect generations of people. They connect the past with the present and allow us to add to the traditions we were born into, while also making them our own. Food has been one of the most prominent ways in which I’ve blended my Japanese and Jewish cultures, so I’m very excited to share my first Nourish Co. All Day zine with you.

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