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An Interview with my Japanese Tea Ceremony Sensei

Today, I am very honored to share with you an interview with my tea sensei and spiritual guide, Sochi Takahara. It is extremely rare that cameras and notebooks are allowed into the tea room. This interview took much convincing, and a combined hope that offering a glimpse into the tea room might be helpful in the lives of others.

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An Interview with Ken Tanabe, the Founder of Loving Day

When I married someone who was not Japanese American, it was never a topic of conversation with either of our families. That’s why I was so struck when I learned about Loving Day and the landmark Loving v. Virginia case. It wasn’t that long ago when being married could have landed us in jail, as it did for many couples. I recently had the opportunity to interview Ken Tanabe, the founder of Loving Day, on the nuances of ethnicity, how to celebrate Loving Day, and gatherings around the globe!

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Interview with Zahava Founder Jessica Hendricks Yee

For the very first Nourish Co. interview of the year, I am honored to share Jessica’s story with you. In it, she talks about the “beauty and challenge of celebrating our ancient heritages, while simultaneously embracing our modern, multicultural identities.” She shares what marrying into a Chinese family has taught her, her mother-in-law’s famous fish dumpling soup for Chinese New Year, her thoughts on interfaith and interracial marriage, and so much more…

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