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A Day at Japanese American Family Farm, Hikari Farms

A couple of years back, I was so happy to discover Hikari Farms through Bi-Rite market. Everything they grow is certified organic, and you can just feel the love they put into everything. So I was over the moon when Janet Nagamine, the second generation owner, reached out and invited me to the farm for a tour and nabe lunch. Today, I am so excited to share my experience and everything I learned about this small but mighty and inspirational farm here.

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What Happens to Ritual Between Marriage and Babies?

From my conversion to our Japanese and Jewish wedding to my bat mitzvah at 33, I’ve been fortunate to have celebrated many happy lifecycle events in a few short years. While my life has only seemed to get fuller and go by faster in the last couple of years, I’ve found that there are fewer lifecycle events and therefore seemingly fewer rituals to write about here post-wedding…

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