Welcoming the Weekend

*Photo via  Estelle Loiseau

*Photo via Estelle Loiseau

In case you missed it and need some last minute no-fuss Yom Kippur break fast inspiration, here's what we do every year. 

Bagels and blueberry lox from Molly Yeh.

A beginner's guide to Yom Kippur by Tori Avey. I've followed Tori's blog for years now. When I was going through the conversion process and learning about all the new rituals, she was basically my digital rabbi.

This piece on Code Switch about why Leah Donnella, a black Jewish woman will not be going to temple for the High Holy Days. While I have been lucky to find a rich and meaningful community at my synagogue, I too feel the sting of not belonging because of what I look like sometimes. 

Multiple friends have been raving about this beautiful kavanah (intention) journal for the High Holy Days by Bat Sarah Press.

GOOP has a helpful guide on where to donate for hurricane and disaster relief, for a year when we've experienced the worst storm season on record. 

John Legend's op-ed in Slate this week on why the NFL protests are patriotic.

I can't contain my excitement for discovering 1440 Multiversity, a gorgeous new retreat center with professional development, personal growth and health & wellness seminars. Coming up: Cheryl Strayed & Elizabeth Gilbert and Krista Tippet  (!)

This podcast episode with Prentice Penny, Insecure's show runner. Can't wait for season 3!

While you're at it, this podcast episode with Alan Yang, the writer for Master of None. In it he talks about Asian American representation on television and being a person of color in the writer's room.

Tsukimi, the Japanese Autumn Harvest Moon Festival, is coming up next Thursday. We'll be eating Tsukimi udon for dinner and going outside to admire the full moon.

If you are observing Yom Kippur, I wish you an easy fast and meaningful day. G'mar Tov!

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