Welcoming the Weekend

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This weekend, Bryan and I will celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. After our wedding and honeymoon to Lisbon and the south of Portugal, we were lucky enough to also travel to Vietnam and Israel. Somewhere in between, I left my job, started Nourish and the year passed. 

The morning after our wedding, we woke up and recounted every moment from the day before. It felt like the most amazing dream, and we wanted to savor and treasure every moment. I mostly felt disbelief at my luck and immense gratitude that morning, a feeling that has only grown stronger in the last year.

To celebrate our anniversary, we're headed to Austin for a long weekend. Besides Austin travel guides, here's what else we've been reading, listening to and watching this week:

While we're still going to Austin anniversary trip this weekend, we've also been watching the devastating news of Hurricane Harvey. We've donated to The Red Cross and plan to give blood when we arrive, since there is an emergency need for blood and platelet donors right now.

Amazon has a Red Cross Wish List for Hurricane Harvey victims- what a clever way to help!  

This heartwarming story of a Mexican bakery in Houston.

A roundup of children's books that teach young readers about refugees today and in earlier generations.

This Vogue article by actress Mary Wang on "the dilemma Asians in America face: Is keeping a low racial profile the cost of getting ahead?"

Looking forward to checking out the premiere episode of Humans of New York: The Series.

Can't wait to check out this Texas-style ramen shop in Austin.

Love everything about these new morning and evening herbal teas by Umami Mart and Far Leaves Teas!

I am pretty sure we are the last people on the face of the earth to discover the brilliant Netflix show, Insecure

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