Welcoming the Weekend

*Photo by  Le Polydre

*Photo by Le Polydre

I'm feeling so grateful that the fires are almost out and we can finally go outside and breathe fresh air again here. Wishing you a fun weekend full of adventures! Here's what I've been reading lately...

3 genius, healthy ways to cook with everything bagel mix.

This beautiful dish, presented in a kabocha squash, is so perfect for fall. 

A black and orange Halloween bundt cake (with 🥕🥕!)

I'm looking forward to checking out this exhibit in San Francisco, honoring a lost generation of Chinese immigrants.

This fascinating interview with Diana Emiko Tsuchida of Tessaku and Matthew Kirsch, the associate curator at the Noguchi museum in Queens, NY. It tells the story about designer Isamu Noguchi who voluntarily interned himself during WWII.

While the Northern California fires have been extinguished, there is a lot of rebuilding and a lot of people who need help. If you're looking for places to donate to, friends have told us about La Luz, a local non-profit that is focused on health, education and financial security for immigrants affected by the wildfires. Undocufound is another great organization that is helping fire victims who are undocumented immigrants and other marginalized groups.

I saw this trailer for Human Flow recently, and can't wait to see it. It's a new documentary about the global refugee crisis, by artist Ai Wei Wei.

11 Yiddish sayings every Jewish woman should know 😉.