Welcoming the Weekend

It feels like I say this every week these days, but... What a week.  Our community here in Northern California has been hit hard by relentless fires- many lives and homes have been lost. I have to be honest- I was burnt out on the news this Monday and took a little break. It wasn't until Tuesday morning that I realized the extent of the devastation up north...

At first I felt guilty for taking a break, but then I realized how necessary it was. For those of us lucky to not have been directly affected by recent news, it's really important to take extra good care of ourselves right now. The more we nourish ourselves, the more love and energy we have to give to others. I'm feeling such a strong responsibility for my energy state these days, because it allows me to give so much more.  I've been thinking about writing about what I do to nourish myself during tough seasons like we are experiencing now, and I'd love to hear your suggestions or ideas as well.

Tonight I will go to my temple for Shabbat services, where I feel held and nourished by my community. We will collectively pray for our neighbors and fellow citizens. We will learn about  more ways to give our time, money and energy. And then we'll be able to start the week anew, with more energy and support to give. Whatever your rituals (old, redefined or new) may be, I believe they are just as important in times of loss and healing as in times of celebration. In the meantime, here's what else we've been reading lately:

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