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Summer Recipe Roundup

Summer is in full swing here in San Francisco! I always look forward to Saturdays at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market and all the fresh, vibrant, and succulent Northern California produce that arrives at the height of summer. Here are some of my favorite recipes to celebrate the season, from the Nourish Co. archives!

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Star Spangled Berry Labneh Dessert for 4th of July

Last year, when my husband Bryan and I visited Israel for the first time, I was naturally very excited about the food. I had heard about how amazing the hummus is there (it is), but what I was really blown away by was the labneh- a tangy Middle Eastern strained yogurt that’s both impossibly smooth and luxuriously creamy. It’s like a way better version of cream cheese! While it’s usually served as a savory side dish, I thought it would make an excellent base for a light summer dessert.

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