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An Interview with the Powerhouse Duo Behind Modern Ritual

One thing that brings me joy each week is logging into Instagram to see what this rabbi and rabbi-to-be are up to. Sam and Rena are the brilliant minds behind the insanely popular Instagram handle @modern_ritual. It has been said that connecting over social media is incomparable to in real life, but Sam and Rena have managed to defy all odds…

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An Interview with Rabbi Angela Warnick Buchdahl

Earlier this spring, I met with Rabbi Angela Warwick Buchdahl in New York. I had heard of her years ago when I stumbled upon a video of her on Facebook, lighting Hanukkah candles at the White House with the Obamas. When I saw the video I was immediately brought to tears. Here was a woman who looked like me, and she was considered a leader. Rabbi Buchdahl is truly a force, and I’m so honored to share her story with you.

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My Adult Bat Mitzvah

On Saturday, March 10th, 2018, in front of my family and community, I became a bat mitzvah at 33. The service was held in the main sanctuary of oursynagogue, and I stood in the exact spot where my husband and I were married a year and a half before. The rabbi who married us and led me through my Jewish conversion sat in the front row, as I delivered my D’var Torah (word of Torah or sermon). Besides our wedding day, never have I felt so enveloped in love by my entire community.

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