*Photo by Lindsey Ocker for  Eventide Collective

*Photo by Lindsey Ocker for Eventide Collective

Hello and welcome to the Nourish blog. Here I will post articles, recipes and ideas for people who are interested in rituals and traditions. Many of those featured on this blog will be Japanese and Jewish, since I know them most intimately. 

It's no coincidence that, across generations and cultures, humans have honored the seasons of the year and the seasons of life with nourishing rituals and foods. Over time, these traditions have begun to fade. I've witnessed this in my own family and in friends' families both here and abroad. I've also witnessed what has replaced these traditions: Take-out, the Internet, alcohol and TV. Today, we are so overly connected that we are all struggling to keep up. Though technology affords us many luxuries (hello, Amazon, Uber and FaceTime!) we as a society have become over-stimulated, exhausted and, ironically, disconnected. After a grueling week, Most of us don't have the energy to prepare a big meal and celebrate a family tradition. Of course all we want to do is numb ourselves and do whatever's easiest- I've been there so many times and I still go there sometimes. But our traditions connect us to each other and nourish our souls- we need them more than ever right now.

On my own journey, I have learned that participating in traditions and rituals are essential to connecting to myself, my family, my community and my ancestors. My traditions have offered me comfort and security during difficult times. They have provided me with a sense of identity, taught me values and helped me create treasured memories with the people I love. My traditions have unexpectedly created a natural seasonality to my life, something I really savor, especially having grown up in California. 

By no means am I an expert on authentic cultural traditions- even Jewish or Japanese. Sometimes I blend my cultures or create new traditions completely separate from them. My hope here is to illuminate the path to help other people to come home to their cultural traditions, create new ones and build a vibrant community. Thank you for joining me, I look forward to getting to know you.

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