12 Thoughtful Ideas for Houseguests

12 Thoughtful Ideas for Houseguests | Nourish SF

The winter holidays are approaching, and it's the season when we host overnight houseguests more frequently than any other time of the year. I try to make our guests feel at home, while also adding thoughtful touches that make the experience a bit more like staying in a nice hotel. Here are 12 thoughtful touches to make your guests feel extra welcome and cozy this winter...

  1. Ring dish to store small jewelry items. This one is handmade in Maine.
  2. Bedside carafe filled with water. I love this beautiful cut glass carafe, made in Japan and inspired by whiskey glassware.
  3. Postcard from your city with a hand-written note, welcoming  your guest to your home.
  4. Mini ikebana stoneware frog with fresh flowers from your garden.
  5. Tissue box and cover- this one is made with Japanese hinoki cypress.
  6. A comfy bathrobe adds a hotel-like touch.
  7. Cute shower soap designed by Tamanohada, a 120-year-old soap company in Japan
  8. An oak luggage rack adds another hotel-like touch. It's such a simple thing but being able to access an open suitcase at standing height is a little luxury.
  9. Hand cream is a necessity in the winter months. This one is made with minerals from the Dead Sea in Israel. 
  10. A field guide to your city. This one is great bedtime reading and includes stories, an explanation of the fog, chefs' favorite restaurants and a secret bike path. 
  11. House shoes are an essential in every Japanese household. This minimalist, made-in-Japan pair is made of breathable Japanese Sasawashi, which has antimicrobial and deodorizing properties.
  12. A simple little guestbook to chronicle the memories of all the family and friends who you have hosted over the years. 
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