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DIY House Guide | Nourish SF

For many people, the winter holidays also mean it's the season for hosting overnight guests. This week, I rounded up my favorite products for the guest room. I also posted my favorite homemade granola bar recipe to have on hand for hungry guests upon arrival. 

For the last installment on our week on overnight hosting, I'd like to share our "House Manual" for guests...

This was inspired by the menus we saw at Emmer & Rye, on our recent anniversary trip to Austin. In it, you can discreetly mention any "house rules" (i.e. no shoes, please), how to use the Apple TV, nearest grocery store, and share your favorite coffee shops or restaurants in the neighborhood. 

Here's how to make your very own house guide:

DIY House Guide | Nourish SF


  • Very sharp scissors

  • The thickest paper the printer you are printing on can print, if possible. I used 32 pound matte white paper

  • Standard single-hole puncher

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • This mini clipboard from Etsy

  • Black pen

Download and print this PDF



  • Above is a printable- all you need to do is print and cut (very carefully) on the dotted lines and write in your info.

  • Stack all the papers together neatly (you may need to trim some edges) and using a single hole puncher, punch holes in the stack of papers. The holes are indicated by the dotted lines.

  • Disassemble the clip part of the clip board with the screw driver.

  • Using the same screws you just unscrewed, screw them into the holes of the paper with the screw driver.

  • Place in an obvious place in your guest room, or wherever your guest will be staying. Fresh cut flowers and a carafe and cup for water are lovely additions.

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