My Favorite Ritual and Home Objects

Nourish Co. Kristin Eriko Posner

When I was growing up, my Mom would always remind me that “objects have feelings, too, so we must treat them with great care.” As is the case with many children of immigrants, I turned my back on this concept for many years. The larger culture in the US was sending me a different message: Only follow things that make rational, logical sense. My Mom’s perspective on objects, while nice, made no sense to me at the time.

But, my Mom persisted. For example, every time I neglected washing the car, she would say, “Poor car,” to which my teenage self would roll her eyes and disregard her. As I’ve gotten older and built my own home, I am finally beginning to understand what she meant. If I’m being totally transparent, Marie Kondo and being a student of Japanese tea ceremony has helped, too 😆.

Even the smallest, inanimate objects in our home contain special energy (a frequency, if we’re being scientific). That’s why a family heirloom passed down through the generations can be such a powerful and treasured object. I believe that homes are the modern day sanctuary. They are where we feel safest; where we are able to be our most vulnerable. And so the objects we fill our homes with really matter.

That’s why I am beyond excited to share with you a collection of my favorite objects. So many of you have asked me about my favorite ritual and home objects. As a deeply spiritual person AND an interior designer, deep meaning and beauty are equally important to me. When Bryan and I were creating our home together, we searched long and hard for beautiful, energy-rich objects and heirlooms that we could pass down to our children one day. This proved to be incredibly challenging and time-consuming, but we dug deep and found a few things we absolutely love.

On this page are the items that have created a sense of home for me, and I hope they can do the same for you! If you find objects here that speak to you or resonate with your own sense of style, I would so greatly appreciate you using my affiliate link (it’s already there when you click on an item!) to purchase. Doing so allows Nourish Co. to benefit from a percentage of the purchase, which allows us to continue sharing rituals, recipes, and stories that connect us to our communities and heritages. As I continue to discover more treasures, I will add to this page to share with them you!

Not that long ago, our ancestors lived in close-knit communities where traditions, rituals, and rites of passage were passed down from one generation to the next. In today’s lifestyle, many of us live far away from our families and a lot of those traditions and rituals have gotten lost on their way to us. One way I’ve reclaimed some of those rituals for my family is by reading books full of wisdom by writers in my larger Japanese, Japanese American, and Jewish community. And so, this shop also includes a variety of books that I’ve used as guides during special life cycle events. I hope you find the same comfort, confidence, and guidance I found when turning to them.

My hope is that you will find something here that resonates with you, adds healing energy to your home, and maybe even becomes a family heirloom.

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