San Francisco's 🇯🇵 J-Town: 
The Nation's First Japantown

Walk with local Japanese-American and Jewish home cook, entertaining expert and storyteller Kristin Eriko Posner to discover how history shaped the food, culture, and landscape of the oldest Japantown in the U.S. 

  • This geo-tagged audio tour is best between 10:30am - 3:30pm on Wednesday-Saturdays, when all of the businesses on the tour are open. However, it can be taken at any time, on any day. Most stops are open until 6pm.

  • Make sure you have time to go on a leisurely walk. The tour is 50 minutes without stops, and about 2 hours with optional stops for meals and/or snacks.

  • Come hungry! There will be optional snacks and meals along the way.

  • Bring cash for a manju, a traditional Japanese confection at a 112-year old neighborhood institution. 

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and layers- it can be warm and sunny, then foggy, within a couple of hours in Japantown.

I’m a local, and really enjoyed this audio tour! Some visitors recently asked me to give them a tour of Japantown, and while I was familiar with many of the shops and restaurants, I realized I wasn’t very familiar with the history of Japantown. Kristin’s tour provided a lot of great and interesting facts that I wasn’t aware of, and has given me a whole new and better perspective of the community. I highly recommend this tour to others!
I loved being guided around the neighborhood with this app! The stories on the tour were really immersive. I’m a local, and saw so many cool spots that gave me new perspective on Japantown

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Narrator: Kristin Eriko Posner

Featured Music: UC Berkeley Cal Raijin Taiko and Goh Nakamura

Image Credits: Julie Leong, Renee Lynn Frojo, Diana Emiko Tsuchida and Dorothea Lange

Featured Voices: Linda Mihara and Diana Emiko Tsuchida



To: Bryan Posner, Jonas Caruana, Gary Morris and the awesome team at VoiceMap, and my family/community, who came on tours, provided feedback and supported me in creating this tour.

For: The people of Japantown, BenkyodoLinda Mihara, Aunty Jane and Aunty Mariko. I promise to never forget your stories, and will make sure they get passed down, through the generations. 



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